Tasty and Healthy, TOFU SHOKUDO comes from the desire to show the amazing benefits and potential of tofu.

Rich in high quality protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber, tofu is not only delicious it offers so much more and it also can be used as a substitute for meat, fish, rice, noodles etc.

We hope that through our TOFU SHOKUDO you will be able to experience everything that Tofu has to offer. Enjoy the delicious flavor as well as the many healthy benefits.


We focus on the long amazing history of tofu, so that being said we offer tofu that is handmade daily from fresh soybeans and in the traditional methods by artisan for tofu-based dishes.

Enjoy the variety of dishes all inspired by various Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea in a very friendly environment that allows you to feel as if you are in a good old tofu shop.

Come by for a drink or two with our wide selection of natural wine, shochu and of course sake selections also paired with a variety of delicious side dishes.

*Made from “Miyagi-Shirome”, 100% Japan grown Non-GMO soybeans and we use no defoamer.

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Handmade fresh tofu, fried tofu, freshly squeezed soy milk, tofu ice cream, Douhua and other delicious desserts are available at the shop located at the entrance, perfect for home cooking or as a gift.